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Founded in 2007, TIM Solution GmbH is based on the vision of developing a simple method for automating and managing workflows. Providing comprehensive solutions and consulting to its customers in the field of automating and managing business processes, TIM is divided into 3 business units.

BPM Consulting

Our consultants help our customers analyse, define and optimise their corporate processes.

BPM Suite

Developed inhouse, our software suite facilitates the automation of all defined business processes in a human workflow. This ensures that all optimisation potentials can be implemented sustainably so that your company can achieve the best performance.

BPM Professional Services

Our Professional Services team helps our customers to implement our software solution in technical terms.

TIM Solutions specialises in efficient workflow management solutions. In over 56 countries, companies and groups benefit from our experience in more than 290 implemented process projects. TIM Solutions supports its customers at every stage of the workflow lifecycle. Even after the product launch, we always work closely with our customers and, by doing so, guarantee the permanent and efficient optimisation of your corporate processes. This also takes place in alignment with the continuous improvement process.

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