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Maximum efficiency and automation with TIM and Robotic Workflows (RPA)

The TIM BPM Suite makes it possible to automate business processes end-to-end in a unique way and integrates robots intelligently. These are activated at the right time during the process and provide data from other systems, for example. In this way, you effortlessly connect locations, departments, systems and data. By using TIM and RPA, you achieve the greatest possible efficiency and automation in your digitalisation project.

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A clear product vision in mind

Those who want to lead the digital competition with intelligent automation solutions need team leaders who contribute with all their know-how and passion. In Steffen Scherle, TIM Solutions has now found a new Head of Product who combines these qualities. With a clear product vision in mind, he will be responsible for the further technical development of TIM.

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From product manager to future analyst

Developing forward-looking software together and driving digital process automation forward: Fabian Ludacka has been following this motto as Product Manager at TIM Solutions for over 7 years. The author and lecturer, also known as "Lulu" to customers and partners, is now changing his position within TIM Management to Head of Business Development.

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New partnership with Datef AG

We are delighted to count Datef AG to our partner family in the future! The Italian company is considered an expert in the areas of organizational development and process management and is a leader in the consulting and provision of IT and cyber security solutions. Through the partnership with TIM Solutions, the company's own consulting portfolio will be expanded to include the area of Digital Process Automation.

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Senior Developer strengthens our team

We would like to warmly welcome our new colleague David Forster! As a Senior Developer, David strengthens the Development department. He has extensive experience in the application and establishment of Scrum as well as the agile development of companies and teams.

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Optimized workflows with BMW Individual Manufaktur

"How do workflow-driven quotation processes enable fast, transparent and standardized quotation management for individual special requests?" Answers to these and many other questions were provided to participants at the BPM Club's online expert dialog on the topic of "Optimized Workflows at BMW Individual Manufaktur".

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Donation instead of Christmas gifts

Although TIM Solutions can look back on an exceptionally successful 2020 in these difficult times, the past few months have also given us cause for reflection. Knowing that many people around the world were less fortunate, we once again value our own success with a greater sense of gratitude.

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No-code workflows at last with TIM 7!

TIM 7 makes digitization easier than ever thanks to No-code workflows! In the course of our long awaited TIM 7 release we also introduce our new TIM Smartform Designer (TSD), which now revolutionizes the digitization of your processes! With the intuitive form configurator you can now configure extensive and complex forms quickly and easily for your workflows on a no-code basis.

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Update: Changes in Version 5.10


  • Support of latest database and application server versions;
  • Usability improvements and extension of the general functionality;

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New employees add significant strength to Development department!

Managers are being confronted with an increasing amount of responsibility and need tools to make decisions that are legally secure and based on up-to-date figures. We offer these tools in the form of a software solution. More and more managers are placing their trust in TIM Solutions when it comes to process optimisation and digitalisation and using them in their own companies. This means that our customer base is growing steadily.

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"Innovative by research" - Seal of quality

The Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany awards again TIM Solutions GmbH the R&D seal of quality"Innovative by research" .
Companies which show a special commitment to research and development will be awarded. We will continue to pursue this aim together with our customers.

1. BPM Solutions Day - The product development process

Our 1st BPM Solutions Day on 21.4.2016 about the product development process was a success. We would like to thank all the participants, as well as our speakers from pmg Group GmbH and DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Germany GmbH. Due to the excellent feedback other issues, such as change management and risk management, for our BPM Solutions Day are in planning.

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TIM is premium partner in the BPM-Club

TIM Solutions is now an official partner in the BPM Club of BPM&O GmbH.

The BPM-Club is an official XING group for industry sectors and a kind of think tank for Business Process Management. Here conversations about themes such as process management, process optimization, organizational development and process-oriented corporate management take place.
Being a premium partner of the BPM Club allows BPM Club members to participation in club meetings at no cost and also provides other special offers.
This year, TIM will also be hosting BPM Club meetings for the members. These meetings support an increase in competence and networking of managers in process management.
More information about the BPM Club can be found in German on XING.

TIM at the annual congress of the BPM&O

The BPM&O will be holding its third annual congress on the 10th and 11th of March, 2016 at the Cologne Media Park.

The first day is dedicated to process management. It offers exciting practical experiences and opinions pertaining to BPM&O, traffiQ, Stadtwerke Karlsruhe and Diehl Metering. In addition, the ceremony for the "BPM-Portal" Award will take place for the first time.
The second day revolves around the motto Innovations@BPM&O and provides information about trends and innovations in process management and organizational development through expert lectures.

We look forward to welcoming you to the congress.
For further information, see BPM&O.

TIM Solutions awards scholarship to the Institute of Technology in Deggendorf

TIM Solutions GmbH supports students of the Institute of Technology in Deggendorf by the National Scholarship Program. 60 scholarships are available in year 2014/2015.

Students are selected by good perfoming at academic studies. In addition, special personal or family circumstances are taken into account. The social or student commitment is also important for the decision.

Pictured left, Demian Alexander Riess (Managing Director of TIM Solutions) hands the National Scholarship over to a student during the Job Fair of the Institute of Technology in Deggendorf.

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Best Practice: Product Development Process (PDP)

The Product Development Process (PDP) is the core process of any manufacturing company. As a complex, multiple cross-cutting process, it is predestinated for an implementation with TIM. This is based on the possibility of dynamic control and tracking, which only TIM offers its customers. Our partnership with the Tiba Management Consulting GmbH enables us to fall back on comprehensive expert knowledge regarding product development. The outcome of this is a State-of-the-Art PDP Workflow in TIM. An implementation as a Human Workflow with TIM creates a central knowledge base, in which all relevant documents and reports are available centrally through various phases. Increase the transparency in your

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Process Excellence for the Purchase Requisitions

Purchase requisitions are, as a part of procurement processes in companies, created and processed a thousand to ten thousand times every year. Due to the quantity and method of processing, purchase requisitions enable a high degree of standardization and automation and are therefore part of the classic workflow-capable processes for T!M – Task !n Motion.

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R&D seal of quality "Innovative by research"

The Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany awards TIM Solutions GmbH the R&D seal of quality"Innovative by research".
Companies which show a special commitment to research and development will be awarded. We will continue to pursue this aim together with our customers.

TIM Solutions introduces latest Premium Sales Partner!

Kware GmbH, based in Nuremberg, is an exclusive provider of services, fulfillment and consulting around the topic of Business Process Management. As top-selling platinum partner of iGrafx GmbH, Kware is active with its services at approximately 2,500 clients per year - from the classic one-man operation to stock-based multinational corporations. An important role is, that Kware offers everything from one source - from the first contact to the completion of a project. Now the exclusive portfolio of the Kware GmbH is extended by T!M - Task !n Motion. "With T!M - Task !n Motion, we now finally have a tool, which gives our customers the opportunity to live their processes!" -Musa Ilik General Manager Kware-. In this way, the partner is able to cover all customer requirements and thus offer a holistic approach.
For further information about Kware see www.kwigx.com.
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