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TIM Solutions introduces latest Premium Sales Partner!

Kware GmbH, based in Nuremberg, is an exclusive provider of services, fulfillment and consulting around the topic of Business Process Management. As top-selling platinum partner of iGrafx GmbH, Kware is active with its services at approximately 2,500 clients per year - from the classic one-man operation to stock-based multinational corporations. An important role is, that Kware offers everything from one source - from the first contact to the completion of a project. Now the exclusive portfolio of the Kware GmbH is extended by T!M - Task !n Motion. "With T!M - Task !n Motion, we now finally have a tool, which gives our customers the opportunity to live their processes!" -Musa Ilik General Manager Kware-. In this way, the partner is able to cover all customer requirements and thus offer a holistic approach.
For further information about Kware see www.kwigx.com.
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