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Update: Changes in Version 5.10


  • Support of latest database and application server versions;
  • Usability improvements and extension of the general functionality;

New / Improved Functions of the TIM BPM Suite

  • JBoss EAP 7.1 and Oracle 12.2 R2 are now supported.
  • A new role concept with more restrictive rights was implemented.
  • The Rules Matrix usability was improved and a simulation mode was added.
  • Any filters and sorting can be saved and thus be reused.
  • Now folder structures can be created in the document tab.
  • Process instances and all accompanying information can be automatically deleted from the database after a given time.
  • Documents can be viewed directly in the browser, downloading is not necessary anymore.
  • The recipients can be selected while sending mail notifications.
  • Several improvements of the user interface;
  • A valid license key is now required for the start of the server.

Fixed Bugs

  • Search results could not be exported to Excel.
  • The Resources tab’s scroll bar was not visible.
  • The InstanceArchivationHandler did not work in sub processes.

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