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Through its closely-knit network of partners, TIM Solutions offers a high degree of skill and expertise in all of its divisions as well as a variety of industries. We maintain close partnerships with organisations in the technology and consulting segments.

This strong network ensures that our customers receive individually tailored solutions from one single source.

We always welcome new partners who want to achieve success with us. Expand your services and solutions portfolio and contact us today!

BPM&O Akademie

As a leading institute of advanced training, BPM&O Akademie provides training and seminars in process management, process-oriented organisational development and the management of organisations. The goal of the academy is to empower people to implement the corporate governance of the future in their organisations today.

BPM&O GmbH also offers management consulting solutions specialised in the development of process-oriented organisations. Under the motto of “360° BPM”, an innovative team made up of managing partners, Uwe Feddern, Thilo Knuppertz and Sven Schnägelberger, develop tailor-made solutions for a faster and more effectively manageable system of processes, organisation, people and IT.


CompCor Compliance Solutions GmbH & Co KG

CompCor Compliance Solutions GmbH & Co KG bundles the expertise and experience of its partners in the field of consulting and training on compliance issues. The main focuses of the company are:

- Implementing a compliance management system with subsequent certification (ISO 19600)
- Advising and supporting compliance officers at companies
- Adopting the functions of the external compliance officer, anti-money laundering officer or data protection officer
- Procedural or product-oriented compliance consulting
- Providing an anonymous whistle-blower system, including an ombudsman, if so desired
- Providing and setting up a comprehensive IT tool for control of corporate compliance processes (policy management, set-up of other compliance processes, such as case management, grants and gifts management, business partner screening, compliance reporting and more)

In collaboration with its technology partner, TIM Solutions, CompCor Best Practice develops workflow solutions for compliance and data protection.



The activities of DATEF comprise the consultation, provision and operation of IT and Cyber security solutions in South Tyrol for medium-sized and large companies as well as for the public administration.

In-depth knowledge and many years of experience in the areas of organizational development and process management are essential building blocks in the introduction and implementation of effective cyber security solutions as well as for a successful administration and maintenance of our customers' IT systems.

Over the past 10 years, Datef has intensively dealt with integrated solutions that network, control, optimize and automate processes, people and systems in the various organizational forms.

The focus of our consultation is on the topics of "Digitalization and Industry 4.0". We accompany our clients in the development of agile and lean organizational forms and models, in which people are freed from repetitive and supportive activities and can concentrate on creative and value-adding activities. We want a transformation that involves people and is implemented step by step so that demonstrable benefits and measurable added value are created in companies.

We value commitment, transparency and a solution-oriented approach at eye level in order to master the most diverse tasks for and with our clients.

secure - flexible - efficient



Specialists for increased digital skills in industry optimise software and IT-based processes and methods ranging from product development via production to optimal virtual product presentations for development and marketing (consulting & method development, programming, creation of interactive media and training).

Everything is about the people here. Independent and reliable consultancy and partnership-based cooperation provides a basis for long-term customer relationships. Our goal is to help you remain better or become better. Under this motto, we have some 110 specialists who work each and every day for companies like Audi, BMW, Bombardier, Daimler, Geberit, MAN, Miele, Siemens PLM, VW and ZF.

Our portfolio includes consulting (CAD & digital factory, visualisation and virtual reality (VR)), visualisation (ranging from digitally generated images and animations via high-end product configurators to immersive VR simulation), software development (matching solutions to solve individual challenges, tailor-made applications and networking, user interfaces that are focussed, responsive and, at the same time, user-friendly) and training courses (basic and specialised training in CAD, visualisation, mechatronic engineering and digital factory).


Governance Solutions GmbH

Governance Solutions GmbH is a full-service management consultancy that helps entrepreneurs and managers run their companies in an effective, efficient and legally compliant manner. In an increasingly complex environment, this takes place, according to the "recognised state of science and practice" to avoid personal liability potential and by doing so create additional added value for their companies. One particular focus of our consulting portfolio is the optimisation of business processes and workflows, and their enrichment with quality management, ICS, risk and compliance requirements. Governance Solutions GmbH designs and implements integrated management systems in a variety of fields and works closely with the International Institute for Governance, Management, Risk & Compliance at Deggendorf Institute of Technology, thus allowing us to draw on extensive expertise in science, teaching and further education and a well-developed network of experts.


International Institute for Governance, Management, Risk & Compliance

The highly respected and well-known International Institute for Governance, Management, Risk & Compliance at Deggendorf Institute of Technology is the first international organisation to address core questions concerning the 'Principles of Proper Corporate Governance and Monitoring' (PPCG/PPCM). It pursues a process-oriented, interdisciplinary and Industry 4.0-focussed approach. The institute comprises three pillars of science, practice and further education, which are closely interlinked. Under the umbrella of the institute, universal, integrative standards are developed and island (QM/Risk/ICS) and integrated management systems (QM/Risk/Compliance/ICS/Revision) certified. The institute also offers a programme for certifying individual GRC components and specialists. It also assists in measuring maturity levels, performing audits and establishing certification maturity in quality management, corporate management and monitoring and risk and compliance management. Another focus within the framework of digitalisation projects is the integration of risk and compliance requirements into (workflow) processes.


Müller Blum Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

Tax advice in the age of digital transformation – Your accountancy firm for innovative companies requiring outstanding advice.

The opportunities and challenges that digital transformations present are our daily business. Our team is manned by problem solvers who, throughout their training and professional lives, have been confronted with a broad range of challenges and have succeeded in mastering them using innovative solutions. Our tax advisers have gained their experience in national and international tax law at international law firms and industry enterprises.

With our expertise, we address topics covering tax, digitalisation, compliance and control systems. Together with TIM Solutions, we develop solutions for your internal control system (ICS).



Premier Management and Marketing Group

PMMG Group GmbH is an entrepreneur-led consulting agency based in Munich and is specialized in supporting international premium companies strategically and operationally in order to ensure sustainable business development.

Our teams develop innovative solutions along the entire value chain in selected sectors with a focus on aerospace, special yacht construction, industry, healthcare and electronic payments:

- Strategic Business Development:
We design pragmatic, structured business development plans (GEP) and support our clients in the practical realization thereof through scalable programs and projects.

- Business Process Management:
Our certified Business Process Professionals (CBPP ®) facilitate the definition of business process management strategies as well as their implementation via business process- and workflow optimization in accordance with the „Association of Business Process Management Professionals International“ (ABPMP ®) guidelines for international Business Process Management (BPM). This is solidified by the construction, optimization and sustainable implementation of lean business process models, including human workflow through process automatization.

- Project Management:
We develop and implement lean and efficient project management structures based on the customer’s organizational requirements and environment. With the help of our field-tested PM-toolbox we can guide both projects and complex programs to success.

- Risk & Opportunity (R&O) Management:
We look at strategic business goals in order to identify the chances and risk that our customers are able to decisively influence. Using our R&O-Management-Services, we produce an integrated R&O Workflow, which assures sound management decisions on how to handle the identified chances and risks, as well as the execution of the determined procedures. This establishes pmg Group GmbH as the exclusive R&O product developer for TIM Solutions and iGrafx.


Prof. Dr. Scherer, Dr. Rieger & Partner MBB

We are not a classic law firm, because we don’t just think in legal terms – we also develop practical solutions adapted to our clients! You will always find us at your side during the practical implementation of our solution proposals to assist you in word and deed. We can even join your project team in your offices if you so wish.

When you come to us with a problem, we not only offer you solutions, we also show you how to avoid the same situation in future. We think on your behalf, alongside you, ahead of you and laterally as well!


PwC - Build trust in society, solve important problems

PwC is one of the leading auditing and consulting services organisations in Germany.

When it comes to auditing and advisory, PwC supports clients of all industry fields to reach their goals. We advise corporations as well as family-owned companies, industry and service companies, global players and local heroes, the public sector, organisations and NGOs. With our know-how and our expertise, around 600 partners and nearly 12,000 experts in 21 locations in Germany support our clients in terms of finding solutions for complex questions in a world changing rapidly – in line with our purpose statement "Build trust in society, solve important problems". With offices in 157 countries and more than 276,000 people, we are among the leading professional services networks in the world.


Tiba Technologieberatung GmbH

Tiba is proud to look back over a company history stretching more than twenty-five years. Over this long period, Tiba Technologieberatung has significantly shaped the German market for Project Management with products, processes and services. Within the Tiba Group, Tiba’s know-how in tool-based project management was bundled in 1997 by the founding of Tiba Technologieberatung GmbH.

Tiba Technologieberatung GmbH accompanies its clients on their way of improving and realizing planning and controlling processes, following the complete value chain from project management to project portfolio management – applying Tibas profound understanding of processes and technology for requirements engineering, independent software evaluation as well as for the implementation and operation of a system landscape.


Ventum Consulting

Ventum Consulting, founded in 2005, is a Munich consulting company with a focus on quality business, process and IT consulting. From its offices in Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Foshan (China), they realize with more than 120 consultants worldwide successful projects.

The business segments are based on the practical tasks of the customers and are ranging from strategic consulting to operational implementation.

Through functional depth and methodological expertise in all divisions Ventum supports nationally and internationally operating companies in the current challenges and their claim to get continuously better. In numerous projects, our consultants have always shown, doing the right thing right. Our range of tasks is divided into:

  1. consistent alignment of processes to customer requirements and increasing operational excellence
  2. the establishment and management of international, multi-site product development projects
  3. the holistic definition and implementation of process-oriented management systems and quality management methods
  4. a proven classic and agile project management approach

Through years of experience mainly in the automotive / manufacturing, telecommunications, industry and financial services Ventum Consulting delivers true to the motto "Results, no Excuses" significant value.


WTS Group

WTS is a global tax consulting firm offering also legal advice. Their services also include comprehensive Financial Advisory Services. With pioneering spirit, more than 800 employees develop innovative and tailor-made concepts, which are realised with high implementation competence for their clients.

Together with the process experts of TIM Solutions, WTS develops best practice solutions in the area of taxes and customs.


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