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International Institute for Governance, Management, Risk & Compliance

The highly respected and well-known International Institute for Governance, Management, Risk & Compliance at Deggendorf Institute of Technology is the first international organisation to address core questions concerning the 'Principles of Proper Corporate Governance and Monitoring' (PPCG/PPCM). It pursues a process-oriented, interdisciplinary and Industry 4.0-focussed approach. The institute comprises three pillars of science, practice and further education, which are closely interlinked. Under the umbrella of the institute, universal, integrative standards are developed and island (QM/Risk/ICS) and integrated management systems (QM/Risk/Compliance/ICS/Revision) certified. The institute also offers a programme for certifying individual GRC components and GRC specialists. The institute also assists in measuring maturity levels, performing audits and establishing certification maturity in quality management, corporate management and monitoring and risk and compliance management. Another focus within the framework of digitalisation projects is the integration of risk and compliance requirements into (workflow) processes.


Deggendorf Institute of Technology

Deggendorf Institute of Technology and TIM Solutions have entered into a research cooperation for 'Workflow Management and the Enrichment of Corporate Processes with Governance, Risk and Compliance Components'.

The focus of this cooperation is the development of practicable business processes that meet the requirements of compliance, risk, ICS and auditing, and pursue a visionary approach to workflow management in the course of digitalisation and Industry 4.0.

In this context, reference processes are being created that provide a consistent and transparent description of the characteristics/maturity levels encountered in real-life situations by workflow- and process-oriented organisations and companies, as well as a system of key performance indicators that demonstrate performance in terms of the workflow processes selected in the respective core tasks.

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