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BPM Professional Services

We know that generally valid workflows do not exist. That is why we implement strategies in different ways to meet your specific and individual needs. By doing so, we ensure that workflows are tailored exactly to your needs.

Depending on the complexity of your project, we set up a team of experienced specialists for you that is tailor-made to your system structure and workflow requirements. We guarantee the success of your project though targeted planning and consistent implementation in all phases of the project.

Project planning

Pilot Processes

We use pilot processes to facilitate the start of workflow management at individual process level. Each pilot process is tailored to the specific needs of our customers at all times to provide the most realistic test environment possible.

Requirements Management

In collaboration with our customers, we specify and document the project requirements required for digitalising a business process. The development of a common understanding between Professional Services and the various professional stakeholders is crucial here.

Project Implementation

Agile Project Implementation

Implementation takes place according to the needs of the customer, preferably using agile working methods using sprints that result in intermediately executable prototypes.

The following topics can form part of business process digitalisation:

✔ Process flow with the various departments/process stakeholders
✔ Expansion of the process by adding technical attributes for advanced automation (enrichment of sub-processes with logics, etc. in the overall process)
✔ Creation of process management forms which contribute to the increased quality of data through validations etc.
✔ Development/Coordination of interfaces to various third-party systems
✔ And many more requirements

Project Completion

Sustainable Customer Support

We provide you with sustainable support for all topic-specific and technical questions relating to already implemented workflows even after completion of the project.

Continuous Improvement management (CIP)

We analyse the workflows that have already been digitalised at our customer to illustrate various CIPs. The results are used to sustainably and continuously optimise the workflows to ensure constant improvements in the process.

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