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Digitalise your processes with TIM!

TIM evolved from the vision of developing a simple method for automating and managing workflows. The easy implementation and flexible development of workflows represents one of our core guiding principles.

Human Workflow Management Software

TIM combines all the important phases of the workflow lifecycle into a unique overall solution. In implementing, executing and analysing your workflows, TIM supports you comprehensively. You can rely on our workflow management system in all phases of the workflow lifecycle. Digitalise your processes with us and experience them as human workflows.

Process owners can model processes autonomously from their IT and digitalise them in the form of a workflow. Individual tasks are now distributed via TIM. Process stakeholders receive just the information that is relevant to completing their tasks. In being guided through the process, employees can easily adopt compliance and process reliability. This results in traceability and audit security when working with TIM.

Monitoring and reporting your KPIs has never been so easy, because the data is collected automatically while you work on the process. On this basis, you experience the continuous improvement process based on facts from everyday working life.

Prepare business-critical decisions in the best possible way and optimise your business processes fully.

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