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Best Practice: Product Development Process (PDP)

The Product Development Process (PDP) is the core process of any manufacturing company. As a complex, multiple cross-cutting process, it is predestinated for an implementation with TIM. This is based on the possibility of dynamic control and tracking, which only TIM offers its customers. Our partnership with the Tiba Management Consulting GmbH enables us to fall back on comprehensive expert knowledge regarding product development. The outcome of this is a State-of-the-Art PDP Workflow in TIM. An implementation as a Human Workflow with TIM creates a central knowledge base, in which all relevant documents and reports are available centrally through various phases. Increase the transparency in your PDP and thus provide for a better scheduling and process compliance. TIM - Your way to shorten the time-to-market.

Interested customers can get the PDP including counseling immediately as a best-practice bundle of both companies. We will gladly send you further information on request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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