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Digital process automation with the TIM BPM Suite

Model, roll out, optimize: The TIM BPM Suite combines technical process modeling, intelligent workflow automation and in-depth process analysis in a unique, overall solution. From an intuitive form design to the seamless integration of any number of interfaces to essential insights into the performance of your processes, our BPM software solution supports you as best as possible in every phase of the workflow lifecycle.

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Highlights & Features

Superior technology

As the world’s only automation solution, TIM provides first-class flexibility, allowing you to use any BPMN 2.0 standard-based modeling tool to map your workflows. Every self-written line of code makes TIM unrivaled and unique.

No-code form design

Thanks to our no-code TIM Form Designer, you can create tailor-made workflows with no need for scripting. Conveniently use drag and drop to add ready-made form elements and define rules in just a few clicks – no IT know-how required.

Smart information logistics

Dynamic forms enable tailor-made information logistics. Collect and distribute data in a targeted manner by easily defining individual read and write permissions for each process step.

Simple system integration

Use TIM connectors to seamlessly integrate external data sources from existing IT systems into your workflows, allowing you to effortlessly connect any number of company applications.

Excellent customer service

Our customers confirm our outstanding support in every project phase. Behind every feature at TIM there is an energic team of experts who gladly offers assistance based on their wealth of experience from over 400 projects.

Intuitive user interface

The web-based interface gives process participants easy access to tasks and processes. Process owners are able to continuously monitor the current process status. There is a good reason 98% of our users feel TIM provides significant relief in their day-to-day work.

Process Templates

Our ready to use process templates combine our experience with the specialist knowledge of industry experts and the latest scientific findings from well-known universities. You can adapt the templates individually to your company’s needs with minimal effort. You can immediately benefit from the numerous advantages of a digital workflow!

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