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Intelligent workflow automation

Start Processes and Develop Potential!

With TIM, you can transform your process models into executable workflows in just a few clicks. Have your processes work for you from now on: Focus on the essential while TIM takes care of  the rest in the background. Use predefined read and write permissions to give process participants access to individual work packages and information at any time. Process owners can continuously monitor the current process status. This is how intelligent workflow automation works with TIM.

Why Switch to Digital Processes?

Cut costs

Process automation with TIM enables you to achieve significantly shorter processing times and verifiably more efficient processes that are constantly being optimized.

Improve quality

Increase your data quality using mandatory fields, validations and selection lists. In addition, you reduce the potential for errors through clearly defined responsibilities.

Deadline control

Avoid hours of controlling via Excel lists. TIM gives you the opportunity to take proactive measures instead of constantly reacting.

100% process compliance guaranteed

With TIM, your process is not only documented, but also lived by everyone involved. The digital workflow reliably guides employees through each step of a process.

Increase transparency

Maintain a constant overview of processes and information. Filter and display by status at any time.

Smart information logistics

Dynamic forms enable read and write permissions to be individually defined. This promotes targeted communication and avoids misunderstandings.

Increase customer satisfaction

Digitalization with TIM allows you to react quickly and flexibly to process changes and to meet individual special requests.

Make work easier for process participants

TIM makes it easier for process participants to complete time-consuming routine tasks even quicker. This allows your employees to focus their attention on other aspects of their job.

With Role-Related Advantages, Everyone wins!

Process Participants
Less training required thanks to the intuitive web interface
Use of previously completed processes
Information is summarized and available from a central location
Fair, workload-based task distribution
Process-integrated distribution of tasks to external service providers
Process Owner
Act instead of react with real workflow control
Transparency across all processes
Fast implementation and flexibility in the event of changes
Real CIP based on facts from operational business
Automatic escalation to management
Analyze company-relevant process indicators
Cost-effective access through leasing model
Compliance: Establishing process loyalty
Accelerated decision-making processes
Access to the current process status at any time
IT Department
Relief through workflow management in the department
Simple rollout thorough web-based interfaces
Simple implementation of cross-system processes
Smooth connection of any number of other applications
Easy on future IT budgets

TIM from a user’s perspective


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