Introduction of our Feelgood Managers

Jan 5, 2023 | News, Insights

Welcome 2023! We kick off the year with an introduction to our esteemed Feelgood Managers.
With 3 years of service, Emma officially sets the tone, followed immediately by one-year-old Tilda. Nacho is the group’s freshman and has been in training as an office dog since October.

At TIM, four-legged colleagues have been a part of the team for several years. Dogs in the office are known to bring many benefits in terms of work-life balance, health and productivity.

Stressful day? A few petting sessions are sure to help.
Skipping lunch break? No way, go outside for a walk!
Bad mood? A look into the faithful dog’s eyes will bring back a smile.

Our Feelgood Managers Emma, Tilda and Nacho

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