Digital Process Automation: The four biggest myths

31.01.22 | News, BPM World, Blog

TIM Solutions Natascha Martini

It is now a proven fact that digital processes are the key to sustainable business growth. But why are so many digitalisation projects still on the back burner? One reason is certainly the many half-truths circulating in the field of digital process automation, which often unsettle companies and prevent them from taking the first step. In this article, we provide clarity and get to the bottom of the four biggest myths in the area of process digitalisation.

Myth #1: Digital Process Automation is a complex undertaking.

Fact: The road to digital is neither rocky nor complicated. Nevertheless, many organisations trip themselves up when getting started by launching huge projects and trying to reinvent the wheel. However, this only activates internal approval processes that unnecessarily block and delay the project. Agile digitisation, on the other hand, means taking small steps and progressing adaptively with constant success. Modern BPM suites intuitively guide you to the optimised process in three simple steps. Fast adaptations enable you to implement a true Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).

Myth #2: Digital Processes are expensive.

Fact: When it comes to process digitisation, it is by no means necessary to talk about software procurements in the millions. With the development phases becoming shorter and the implementation costs becoming lower, the entry into a digital transformation gets more and more affordable. In addition, the investments pay off very quickly, so that the digital return on investment can sometimes already be achieved after the first process run. The cost aspect is a clear argument in favour of process digitisation, especially in the case of DIY solutions, where the specialist department can digitise itself at will, even without IT knowledge.

Myth #3: A lot of programming effort is required.

Fact: No-code engines enable the digitisation of business processes without any programming effort. After the process design with a BPMN 2.0 modelling tool of your choice, each department is able to independently create process-accompanying forms, start processes and roll them out as real workflows. The use of predefined process templates additionally simplifies the implementation enormously and saves you valuable time and costs that you would otherwise have to invest in development. With minimal effort, the templates can be perfectly tailored to your business case. It really is that easy to benefit from the numerous advantages of digital processes!

Myth #4: Digital Process Automation is only beneficial for large companies.

Fact: Digital Process Automation is not a question of the size of the company, but rather of what makes sense. Automated processes create added value wherever there is a lack of transparency and responsibility, where paperwork and uncoordinated coordination dates eat up employees’ time and nerves and unnecessary errors occur. Even if the difficulties of manual processes become more visible with increasing company size, digital processes can also significantly relieve smaller organisations. Incidentally, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Social Affairs (BMWi) has also recognised this and extended the “go digital” initiative, especially for the digital promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, until 2024.

Did you know?

Besides these unfounded reservations, the selection of a suitable entry process as well as the question of the right software provider are often common hurdles on the way to digital operations. No matter what decision phase you are currently in, we at TIM Solutions are there for you and will be happy to advise you. Take the first step today and book a free live demo with us. Together we are guaranteed to get your digitisation projects rolling!

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